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City Crime ⌭ QuickTech

Featured aboard the Space is a Bastard mix- a full speed/ half speed space-  attempt to access a vein of accelerated tech understanding/ forgetting.. or what? Deep space isn't an ambient drift, it's hellishly fast... This <fit up> owes to Virginia. luvs.

SPACE IS A BASTARD < 81:00 mins >

Anthropomorphized communciation of the Philae lander in late 2014 formed a projection of human hope and destiny outwards into space, placed upon a small robot propelled for 10 years towards the barren comet 67P/ Churyumov-Gerasimenko. 
Streams of data relayed were translated to narrative borrowed from Disney, suggesting space as a stage for possible adventure and escape
This mix represents a dehumanised reclaiming of the lander, a machine at the edge of an unforgiving non-place. 
Enjoy Earth... SPACE IS A BASTARD >>>

Lotion / Dickens Club

         Found some empty time pics of       
      Lotion / The Dickens Club   -    capacity: 150    
   made out of a former industrial kitchen - best (only) nightclub in Bermondsey 2010-11   
  *demolished* - but we had it - hold tight collaborators Emily, Ben, Ksenia, and everyone who made it in there x 

Dickens Club - The Woodmill - Bermondsey (2011)

Dickens Club - The Woodmill - Bermondsey (2011)

alastair frazer / sporty spice

 still thinking; millennial denial 
alastair frazer

sub-style ‘trancecore’ gets its own marquee?)

What I wondered as I wandered from tent to tent on that May night in 1996 was whether the gathered tribes were fraternizing, or simply co-existing in adjacence. There were a lot of non-aligned types drifting about, but it seemed equally possible that most people gravitated towards their own kind and fixated on their particular drug/technology fix. It was hard to imagine any of the hardcore massive in Nexus stepping out of their particular locked groove in order to check out what was Goa-ing on in Astral Nuts, or vice versa. What was really odd about the event was the Goa-heads could have enjoyed a similar line-up of DJs at regular Goa events like Return To The Source, for about half the price, and without having to trek forty miles to the event; the junglists and happy-core kids could equally have heard a similarly stellar selection of DJs at events like World Dance. The extra £15 everyone had paid was basically their homage to the myth of rave, the living dream of unity-in-diversity. They were subsidizing a ritual re-enactment of something that[…]”

Simon Reynolds - Energy Flash


 ron rice / angus maclise 
Do you believe you have a say in the running of the country? : NO
Do you leave the remote control on standby? : YES!!

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